Dakmak Performance Fitness

Dakmak is a Private Performance Facility for real results, high level full spectrum training/recovery. Simple but effective, packed full equipment and turf thats open and sufficient for any type of training including Silver Sneakers Classes. Our full facility and training makes us unique and adaptable to anyone looking for serious life changing results


Taking both an old school and new school approach is seen by Sanddune steppers laying the floors for a complete immersive experience into finding your inner strength, focus, stability, balance and overall connection to your mind and body.

This is a part of who we are, all connected as one with each others and our bodies

Neal Dakmak 

He and his facility have been a becon for strength, self development, injury prevention/recovery, education and passion for health. Harmonizing the current state of fitness and helping others progress is a passion that runs deep.

Neal has used his knowledge and experience to utilize simple concepts to produce the most effective result possible. With a new lens of focus using the Sanddune Stepper he is able to achieve a greater view of the body and central nervous system from years of focused teaching, coaching and lifting.

Now, Integrating that experience, grit, and passion has been able to shift focus on helping others with mobility issues, balance, as well as as accumulated knowledge from many aspects of injury prevention and exercise technique.

With a bachelor’s degree in Fitness and Human Performance from Southeastern Louisiana University, countless years working with high level coaches and lifters, personally achieving fludidity in functional movements, basic exercise, while breaking records staying injury free in powerlifting pulling unreal numbers.

 Throughout his career he’s learned from many top guys in fitness, wellness and sports performance, powerlifting, balance and gait. Some of his mentors include:

  • Matt Dauhl - Sanddune Stepper Owner -  Consultant for Balance and Injury Recovery
  • Kyle Roberts -IFBB Pro Wheelchair and diet prep coach
  • Garry Frank - All time WR holder and NFL Lineman
  • Bill Gvoich - Inventor, Educator and former Canadian Ski Team Strength Coach
  • Mellissa Moore - LSU Strength and Conditioning Coach 
  • Barret Murphy - Silver Sneakers 2019 Trainer of the year
  • Gayle Hatch - USA Olympic Lifting Coach and Legend
  • Brandon Lilly - Pro Powerlifter - Strength Coach 
  • Josh Bryant - Jailhouse Strong -World Renowned Strength Coach
  • Nick Tuminello - Trainer of the Trainers NSCA and Writer for Human Kinetics
  • Dan Green - World Record Holder and owner of BOSS BARBELL CLUB

 If you would like to learn more about how Coach Dakmak can help you achieve your goals and transform your life call us anytime at 225-445-6254 or email neal@dakmaktraining.com.


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"Neal Dakmak, owner and personal trainer, knows his stuff. Whether you are a powerlifter looking to increase your lifts or a desk jockey looking to get into shape, he will be able to help you. Neal has exceptional people skills and his charismatic encouragement will inspire you to reach your goals"

Brandon Langlois

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