Dakmak Performance Fitness is privately owned by Neal Dakmak. Since 2007 Dakmak Performance has helped many people achieve their goals, whether that be weight loss, sports performance or injury rehabilitation.

 With a bachelor’s degree in Fitness and Human Performance from Southeastern Louisiana University, Coach Dakmak is always on the search for new and innovative techniques to help his clients achieve their goals. Currently, he is transforming lives using Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR) and the Sanddune Stepper.

 Throughout his career he’s learned from many top guys in fitness and sports performance. Some of his mentors include:

            Gayle Hatch (Olympic Weightlifting)

            Gary Frank (Powerlifting)

            Nick Tuminello (Fat-loss)

            Dan Green (Powerlifting)

            Brandon Lily (Powerlifiting)

            Tommy Byers (LSU Sports Performance)

 If you would like to learn more about how Coach Dakmak can help you achieve your goals and transform your life, call 225-445-6254 or email

Ionized Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is the best water hands down! Our water will help you detox and flush toxins as well as hydrate you faster and promote leaner muscle.  

1st Phorm

We realize the importance of fueling your body with quality supplements. This is why we partnered with 1st Phorm to bring our members top of the line supplements made with the highest quality ingredients. 

InBody 570

The InBody 570 scans your body for body fat percentage, lean muscle mass and water weight. It equips us with what we need to help you achieve your goals.

"Neal Dakmak, owner and personal trainer, knows his stuff. Whether you are a powerlifter looking to increase your lifts or a desk jockey looking to get into shape, he will be able to help you. Neal has exceptional people skills and his charismatic encouragement will inspire you to reach your goals"

Brandon Langlois

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