2019: A Year in Review

One of the many reasons we decided to start Dakmak Performance was to eliminate the worry and confusion for our members by shortcutting the process through lifting properly and staying committed to their goals. 

The need for simplifying exercise technique and instruction to our clients was our top priority. We NEVER wanted to water our training down so we decided to get better at coaching and learn from other coaches, mentors as well as young athletes, runners and your average middle aged male and female.  

After 15 years, seven being in the gym, we began to understand just how important the core actually is in every exercise. Learning this provided us with three simple cues: glutes, abs, elbows in.

With these simple cues, we were able to create the DaKore4. The DaKore4 is made up of four exercises we believe help reset the body to engage the core in every exercise. 

Here at Dakmak Performance, we believe helping others so keeping these four fundamental...

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